Frequently Asked Questions

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Browse this FAQ list to find answers to many questions folks have about Stoneton West. If you have a question which isn't shown on the following list please don't hesitate to contact us for an answer. We welcome all questions regarding Stoneton West and the content which we have displayed on our website.

What dates and which seasons is the Wild Duck cottage available for rental? Are there a minimum retal time period?

Thank you for your question! Stoneton West rentals are booked on a first come first served basis. The "Wild Duck" is available for rental on a seasonal basis with a minimum rental of two consecutive weeks. One week rental may be available for an additional fee, dependent upon availability. The "Keephart Cottage" and the "Big House" are presently undergoing renovation and will be made available for rental in the future. Please check back in the future for updated rental status of these two Stoneton West vacation rentals.

Please tell me what utilities and household items (such as linens and/or pots, pans and utensils?) are included if I rent the Wild Duck cottage.

The rentals provide basic household furnishings, kitchen utensils and appliances. Customers must supply their own bed linens, pillows, towels and toiletries. Please contact us regarding specific items or needs you may have.

What can you tell me about who manages the Stoneton West property?

The Stoneton West property is managed by the grandchildren of Lester Keephart (and the niece and nephews of Lester's son Richard Keephart, the previous owner of the Stoneton West property ). Martha A. Thomson, Jay S. Thomson, Eric E. Thomson and Kirk A. Thomson currently maintain the property (operating as Stoneton West, LLC). If you would like to speak with any of the Thomsons please contact us.

I have some very old photographs of life and activities in Betterton Maryland. How can I send them to you so that they can be included in your photo galleries?

That sounds great! Thank you very much! Please send us a message using our contact us page and we will reply to your email address with instructions on how to get your old photographs to us. Thanks again! This is very kind of you and I'm certain that everyone will enjoy your photographs.

I often wonder what happened to Ethel Stahr? I would imagine that she passed away quite a while ago. Did her cottages stay in the family? Are they still rented? Please let me know whatever information you have.

Thank you for your question and, once again, if you have any information or photographs to share please contact us. Sadly, Ethel Stahr has passed away. Ms. Stahr was also referred to as "Mrs. Stahr" or "Aunt Ethel." We are searching for information about (and photographs of) Ethel Stahr who we knew as "Mrs. Stahr" and "Aunt Ethel." If you have any information (or photographs) about the life and times of Ethel which you want to share please contact us.